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Another excellent drill using a simple tee peg in the top of the golf club is to make sure that you are releasing the golf club correctly through the bottom of the golf ball which generates more club at speed and also squares the club face really nicely for you. So when you are setting up the golf ball here, we are going to swing the club back and the tee peg will point down at the golf ball. That's a good position for your back swing. Up to the top now, you down swing the tee peg still points down at the golf ball but in the followthrough phase, again we want to see how the tee peg can point back down to where the golf ball would have been.

So we are going to release the club head, make sure the tee peg points downwards, that's a great movement for your full swing to show that your right hand turns over the top of your left and gives a good strong powerful release. If you were to sort of pull after the shot in what would class as an awkward chicken wingy type fashion here, we don't release the club face, the tee peg would point up and backwards, the club would be moving much more slowly through impact, possibility that the club face would be open pointing to the right hand side of the target line leaving a shot that cuts away weakly to the right hand side, so if I spin around now and look from side on again, I want to release the tee peg down to the back of the golf ball here down this line to have a good release rather than pointing the tee peg upwards or pointing the tee peg at my body, that shot is not released properly, specifically if you struggle with turning the ball from left to right and it goes too much left to right and you want to try and start drawing the golf ball little bit more, firing the hands over quickly, focus on pointing the tee peg down is a really good exercise.

So tee peg in the top of the grip, pointing toward the golf ball as soon as you are kind of through swing, the better hand action and better release.