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You'll often hear people talk about how when we take away one sense our other senses a heightened. People often talk about how people who are partially sighted or blind have really good hearing because they're using that other sense to sort of work out the surroundings, or deaf people have really good way of lip reading people, are using their eyes more than the rest of us because they have one sense that isn't there. So we're going to suggest now as we actually take away one sense we're going to use the other sense use better. We're going to take away the sight for the time being. We're going to setup to the golf ball. Then we're going to close our eyes, shut our eyes and try and hit putts the same distance of this putting green and the hope is here that you feel the putt a little bit more rather than watching the putt ahead use the sense of feel.

You could also use the sense of you hearing about how you've struck the ball off the clubface to judge how hard you've hit it. So I'm going to hit a few putts up here, but my eyes are going to be closed and you're going to trust me on this I am doing this correctly. So I align myself up, shut my eyes and then I stroke the ball down there and I open my eyes only so I can align myself for the next ball. Close my eyes and stroke the ball down there again. Now I'm not looking at any of these so you have to trust me that I'm closing my eyes, stroking them down there and I'm trying to hit them all the same distance but I'll be honest with you I don't know how I'm getting on at the moment. That was a shocker. I have hit the ground before I hit the ball there so I think that might be a bit short and then the last one down there again. And now when I look up okay I saw the last two hit into each other but as I look up hopefully they were all rolling roughly the same distance down there.

My stroke was repeating the same each time and a good guide for whether you passed this test, whether you've done this game correctly is all the putt should be within one putters length of each other and I think they are particularly because that one got hit slightly as the last ball came up so all of the balls finished within one putters length of each other. Now when you take this principle out into the golf course to play as you're looking at the ball looking at the hole you can make a couple of practice swings looking at the hole and we get much better feel for our putts rather than actually watching the putter and watching it go backwards and forwards. We get a feel for how hard we can hit it. Once we have established a good feel hopefully we can just setup, pull the trigger and trust that will roll the ball down there the right speed to get the ball rolling in nice and close to the hole. The blindfolded putting game and hands is the feeling of the feel of the hands and arms rather than using your eyesight.