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Video Transcript

How can I rotate my body without sliding? Now during the back swing what you want to be seeing is a full rotation of the shoulders around the spine angle, getting the full turn, with adding power and also adding consistency to the shot. What you don’t want to be seeing is a full rotation but then also a big slide away from the ball. As soon as you start sliding away from the ball, to try and get a consistent impact, you’ll have to slide all the way back. And there’s no way you can do that time after time without inconsistent striking; without tops, without thins without the whole kind of manner over the funky shots as well. So we need to try and get a good rotation away from the ball, whilst not sliding.

Now the easiest way to think about it is to be over the ball; imagine your spine angle is the center of your swing with your head at the top, and you want to be keeping the head dead still, and just rotating around your head and around your spine with the shoulders. And what that will stop you doing is sliding a long way onto the right hand side. If you are struggling with that feeling and you’re practicing at a driving range, you can actually, pop your bag, or kind of pop a club box just outside your right hip so if you’re turning, if you do slide, you’ll just bang into the side of it. So it’s a great little way, to get instant feedback. But in general you want to be turning away, keeping the head and the spine at the center of the swing, and just rotating around that fixed point. And that will allow you to swing back and through and get a really consistent strike, on the ball

What you don’t want to be doing is to kind of stack in all of your weight towards your left side to stop that big sway. It will almost cause the same problem in the opposite direction. So if you tilt this way rather than swaying as you come into impact, you can either keep all your weight on that front foot and hit heavily down on to the ball, or you can actually try and get a bit of a reverse pivot in there as well. So if you are struggling with rotation, and that slide, just focus on keeping your head and your spine at the center, don’t drift over onto this left foot to compensate. So turn away, keep the head and the spine at the center of the swing; use that box or that bag to give you instant feedback, and it will increase the consistency of your shots.