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Right, we're going to talk about what causes the vibration and how to cure it. So first of all, let's talk about what the vibration. On the middle of the club face, you have a sweet spot which is the size of a coin right in the middle just like it's like a bull's-eye, like a dartboard. If you miss hit miss the target, so you hit it off the toe or the heel or off the bottom or off the top, then you're going to get a vibration that's going to travel at that shaft. Okay, so that's very, very simple, missed the sweet spot, there is a vibration going to happen. So how do we get rid of the vibration? Well, hit the ball at the middle, it's a good start. Maybe put some ghost tape on the clubface, so we can actually see what's happening with the ball, which part of the club did it come off.

But, if you haven't got the time to put all that energy and practice into it, even though really it's not that hard, you could actually go out and wear a thick pair of gloves because that would absorb any sort of vibration. You could actually go out there and use graphite shafts and I am sure hopefully, every senior golfer here, well 95-99% should be using graphite. Graphite is light and if you get a vibration, it will trouble the graphite, and it will stop here. It is steel, it will come all the way of into your hands and it will sting, especially if you are out there on the winter’s day and it is a frosty day, by god, you will feel it.

So you now know, what causes the vibration, missing that sweet spot and you want to cure it, then obviously we have got to find the middle of that clubface, which is practicing. And the best way of doing it, is put some ghost tape on there and swing that club backwards and forwards and see where it’s coming out off. And if you are still miss hitting it all over the place, then why not go down the road to the PGA Pro and say hey, I have got this problem here. I pick these tips up, and it is not quite working, can you help me. He will be glad, you knocked on the door and within half an hour, he will have this sorted out for you.