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Video Transcript

So we talk a lot in the back swing about getting the club up into the right position and making sure everything is perfectly sequenced to the top. But the really important part of that back swing is just to get the club in a good position ready for the down swing. So during the down swing it’s really important that we utilize this good position that you found yourself in by delivering that club down, fast enough and on the right line. And the key bit there is ‘fast enough’. It’s quite easy to bring the club down into the right position; you just do it at that speed. If you do it at that speed you’d never miss a golf shot. It will always go straight. It would only go five yards, but it would always go straight. So we’ve got to find a way of bringing that club down quickly into the back of the ball.

And the driving force really, the engine there is going to be the hips. The hips when they rotate first, they make the rest of the body rotate fast and if this is stood out on the end of a big leaver here, the club head will be moving quickly as well. So once you’ve would yourself up to the top and you found this quite tight position at the top of the swing, we really want to let the hips go. The feeling now is taking your belt buckle and turning it round to the flag as fast as possible if you can open those hips up and turn out to the flag quickly that will instinctively turn the shoulders, pull the hands and arms down and last but not least release that club head into the back of the ball. If you are at the top of your backswing here and you are pulling down with your arms and your hands, there’s actually a whole part of that sequence that isn’t generating any power.

Because if you can wind up and then release the spring, let the hips open to target everything else will come down with a lot more power. If you are not currently using your hips when you try this movement it will feel a bit weird and a bit awkward a bit like everything is moving, but that’s kind of the point everything is moving and everything’s moving in the right way to help you generate power. So from the top of the swing bell buckle the target, spin out through the ball and see how much further you can hit the golf ball using your hips.