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Okay we are going to talk about the difference and compare two types of putter. One is the typical to the mallet always looks like a brown thing on it as if you are going to go and brown the color on a ranch. And almost of the size faced, big back great balance how you know. Lots of you given these lots of give this a putter likely as the mallet. We’ve also gotten then the blade putter. So here you can see now much thinner much thinner putter. This is the traditional sort of blade across for somebody a senior golfers will remember that a blade never used to have a back on like this.

It was just literally a piece of metal with a nice sort of curve back so if you are thinking why it doesn’t look like blade to me well this is what we look as a blade nowadays but you may well have one of the traditional blade courses as indeed I do so there is a blade and there is a mallet so which putter is best for you? At the end of the day what works for you? If the blade works for you well if it’s not broken don’t fix it.

But this gives me an idea of what or how you can actually find out which putter is best for you. To work this out we need to put something down on the ground you could –I’ve got a metal ruler here, you could use a shaft of the golf club. And what I want you to do to find out whether or not the mallet putter or the blade is better for you is to do this. If I put the putter over this ruler or indeed a clip shaft, I set myself up as usual feet parallel eyes over the top of the putter or over the top of the bowl.

From here it might swing and actually go back straight back and straight through then you can see from that action there, there are much better suited for a mallet putter. The mallet putter in the way of distribution is much more forgiving. If you find yourself swinging the putter on the grain and you tend to gamble like this inside and inside, then the blade putter is more for you.

It’s much more difficult but the whole idea is to compare the benefits of the mallet, which is for sure the most forgiving putter out that I can pair the blade just look at all the top players you don’t see that many using this type compared with this. In fact this is quite small by today’s standards some of the new putters are huge but see which one is best for you so if you get yourself set up and you swing back in a straight line backwards and forwards go for the nice big mallet size putters.

You’ll get more out of it more consistency better all better alignment it’s much easy when you got this big back and you got lines in different covers to line up putter on a blade it barely got a line on the top part by a touchy held line up. So there is the benefit the mallet is the one that a winner every single day remember it’s what works for you that counts. So go to the putting grain, set yourself up over a shaft swing the putter back, and if your swing comes around your body a bladed putter is better suited for you. But remember it’s much more difficult it’s better to try and learn how to swing the putter straight back and straight through. A swing that comes inside and comes round is a very inconsistent putting stroke. Anyway there you go the mallet against the blade which one wins for me; the mallet stays in my back.