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Video Transcript

Okay so we are talking -- we’re going to talk about a very important subject. Why do we need good alignments? Well, it makes actually pretty much sense [Phonetic] isn’t it really. If you are not aligned in the right place, how can you expect the ball to go where you want it to go? So alignment is a very, very crucial part of putting. Now, if you are going to align yourself up correctly, you can imagine the more chance that you’re holding putts, holding more putts reduces your score. You reduce your score, you have more fun; you have more enjoyment. That’s what we are here for to enjoy golf. So, let’s talk about aligning up because, I’ve got to be honest with you, you know, I’ve got a -- I'm not a golfer as a pro and I’ve got four or five hundred members. And I watch people putting, the most important part of the game. This is the part where you score; this is where you get that score card. And that’s what’s going to go down your card; the final score. And I watch people putting, and I think what on earth possesses you to think that you are going to have a chance of holding that putt?

They get their putter out, is there a go -- Charlie just had their putts? And they have their couple little swings like this and off they go to the ball. There is no care over how to line it up or what the line was like. So here’s professional advice, knock your ball, pick it up, clean it. Get behind it and clean the ball put the ball back down. Line the name up on the line where you want the ball to actually go. So if it’s a slight left or right break by a couple of inches, aim the name to a point just in front of the ball, one two inches just left of the hole. And all of a sudden we are now ready to come and approach it with the club. Now put the putter behind the ball, align for the name because the name is lined up with that marker in your mind because you’ve done that homework. Set free your feet, so your feet are running parallel to that line. Put your hands on and get your eyes over the top of the ball. We are now we are in a very, very good position, and more importantly a position that by taking that time and care standing behind the ball, you really have got the best option of holding this putting out.

Before, there was no care taken at all. In fact most of the golfers I see who would say category three or four, don’t really take much care at all. You might wipe a bit and knock off the ball but that’s it. Here’s a routine that you are following that’s going to eliminate more and more free putts and allow you to hold more putts. So once you are in this position you are over that ball, because you’ve now got the name lined up and the putter lined up with the name, it’s simply a case of pulling that trigger backwards and forwards. And if the stroke goes straight back, and it goes straight through, surprise, surprise the balls go in to the hole! So there’s a very, very simple technique. Alignment is crucial. It’s no good getting that length of putt beautifully that you are six foot wide. Put what into practice what I’ve mentioned then. Nothing complicated, nothing too heavy in the mind, but it’s just simply a new routine. Educating yourself to follow that procedure and you’ll get better results. It makes sense. Why not go and try today?