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Okay. Do Hybrid golf clubs work for chipping? Well the short answer, is most definitely. You can imagine to play a chipping rule successfully it depends on what club selection what line you’ve got what, what you are spaced with and of course your own ability, so these factors you have to kind of put in and try to think right. To tick all those four boxes maybe, you have two out of four. Hybrids are very, very simple to use, they have the weight base nice and low and the head is a shallow sort of cut off sort of wood shape. And when you put the club down it has it tends to have a nice look kind of sole. If the line was little bit uneven the middle of the club is still sat flushed to the bottom of the ball which is an important factor.

We set up to the ball just as the same as you would do a seven iron so a seven iron would be in the middle of the stance for your chipping room let’s put this hybrid in the middle. Then remember there is a range of Hybrids so you could use maybe a 20 degree Hybrid or a 24.whatever suits best you really. Whichever Hybrid you want to use they are all going to do a very, very good job , the only difference is one will get more roll if it’s less lofted and one will get a little bit less roll as simple as that.

Ball goes into the middle the setup is the same as a putter, we go down the grip so the arms are hanging down from the shoulders and we want to swing very, very much just like a putter. So with the putter we will be swinging the putter nice and low to the green backwards and forwards. And the same thing would apply with this clubs so if I just swing this club back with my arms swinging not my hands there is no wrist activity here at all if I just swing it back with my arms and my shoulders the club stays nice and low. And the loft of the club has just thrown that ball up and the ball is now rolling up to the hole. It really is something that I would recommend considering if you haven’t got a Hybrid in your bag go on and get a Hybrid into your back, there is so many uses for it. In this case we are talking about chip shots does it work? It certainly does. A great range of Hybrid clubs that are definitely on the Thomas Golf website and I would recommend you go and have a look at their range; there is something for everybody there.