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Video Transcript

Okay so why is it important to keep this putter low in the swing? Well it’s very, very important because we’ve got to keep our head nice and low to create this nice pure roll a pure putt, where you just get that ball rolling beautifully consistently much in that line or a low go, just running nice and true. So the whole idea here is to concentrate on actually the swing plain of the putt, you might think swing plain. Swing plain is the angle that you swing out, so there’s a couple of ways you could actually swing up and down low and up, while keeping that putter nice and low and that’s what we’re going to focus on here. Just get that pure putt; we’re going to focus on keeping that putter low to the ground.

Now, a very, very good way of doing this to keep that putter nice and low is just imagine you’ve got a piece of chalk, and if you have, just go on to the putting green – don’t annoy the head green keeper he’ll beat you up and put a line down behind and in front of your ball, maybe four inches six inches in line with where you want to putt. Now when you putt that putter behind the ball, we want you not just to follow the lines, you’re doing two things here, following the line to get that putter going nice and down towards the hole, but we want you to almost brush the putter, I’m not talking about dragging it along the green but we want you to just brush, or just imagine you’re on the green in the morning.

The green keeper has not gone out to swish the green so it’s got that little bit of morning dew on it. You slightly swing to you right then swing the putter back and make sure that when we go back and through we take the morning dew off the grass, so we’re just brushing the grass. And by taking that putter back nice and low, what we’re going to do is deliver the club back to the original starting position which was perfect to start with and take the putter through, and that will encourage that ball to roll nice and pure, keep it nice and low, hooking the green, because what you don’t want to do you is get yourself into a situation where you take the club by this up in the air then from here come down, because if you do that and hit the bottom the ball is going to go like a hick up jump and you can just imagine there’s no pure roll on it. It’s going to go up and jump and who knows it might roll too far it might not roll enough, but that’s the difference between the swing going up and down and here, we’re concentrating on that putter keep getting nice and low, backward and forward. And by keeping that putter nice and low it keeps everything here in one piece.

So if I keep the putter nice and low, you can see that my arms and my wrist are one piece and my shoulders, everything is going from the shoulders here, like a pendulum. If I wish to go up and down, you can see there’s a lot of movement going on the wrist and the shoulders all of a sudden they’re going a bit like a seesaw going around. So when you’re doing this, very simple, get the over the ball, just keep that putter nice and low to the ground ideally you’ve got a bit of morning dew but the whole idea is keep it low, just brush that grass and you should get the purest roll possible. So all you’re waiting for now is to get on that putting green and give yourself 20 to 30 minutes to make that adjustment but you should reap good benefits very quickly.