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So here we're going to look at how to create a more compact golf swing for you. This will be one where you don't swing the club back quite as far as you are used to doing, so you've got more compact backswing position. But it's actually more efficient, you're going to deliver much more energy down into the golf ball, you're not going to be wasting energy inefficiently on downswing from that longer position. So if we look at a more compact golf swing and then achieving this, what we want do is work on turning the shoulders to 90º right of where they've started so your back is flat to the target okay. We want to work on this hand position so really focus on keeping the left arm straight, if the left arm bends it's going to give you a much longer golf's backswing position but from this position now you've actually gone beyond the correct and ultimate position the club at the top of the swing.

So keep the left arm straight and hold the club into this position. Now to start to create that shorter position one of the main tips I could give you, is focus on what your hips are doing. So if I just start place an alignment pole through my belt hooks here, to represent the position that my hips are in during my backswing. If I start to allow my hips to rotate immediately on the backswing, that’s going to cause a really long backswing position. And from here I've really got the force the club just basically back into the position I wanted it to stop into and then hit the golf ball. So there's more movement and more to go wrong it will feel with that longer backswing like you're going to hit the ball further, but you're actually wasting energy you're going beyond that good position. So if we say that here is a 100% correct for your backswing, you're going to a 110, 120, so you've now got to get back to 110, back to 100. You've used all of that extra energy going beyond the position and then back into it instead of just allowing the energy to fire into the golf ball.

So to create the small compact feeling, work on really holding your hips in a very parallel position, parallel to the target line. So the shoulders are going to start to rotate but the hips aren’t rotating. You should be able to get to about 45 degrees turn to the right with the shoulders before you need to allow the hips to rotate slightly allowing you to get into this position at the top of the swing. So at the top of the swing here we're looking at the shoulders have rotated 90 degrees to the right but the hips have only rotated 45 degrees. So it's this difference that will allow you to generate this more compact position. It will feel really twisty across your torso but that twisty feeling is coil. And in golf swing, coil or that twist between your upper and your lower body means power, so hold the hips in a more parallel position to how they start, start to rotate the shoulders over the hips, as much as they'll go and then only allow the hips to turn slightly to allow the shoulders to get to 90 degrees on the backswing. So shoulders are 90 degrees, hips 45 creating a lot of coil in the torso here. Now we won't be able to hold this position, we'll fire this coil back into the ball and really create a lot of power and club head speed, you'll hit much more constantly and you'll really see an increase in your shot distance.