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Video Transcript

With the swing tape we are going to look at how having a look at your club face for marks and also the sole of the club for any strike marks and patterns is going to help you improve your golf. So initially, once you are hitting golf balls, if you look at your club face you'll start to see that you leave a strike mark on the club face. You are aiming to get that strike mark right in the center of the club face. If you notice that your club face is wearing or you are leaving a mark from the golf ball towards the toe, that’s going to tend to get you to hit the ball out to the right. As the ball impacts with the toe end of the club, this part of the club is going to slow down but the heel of the club isn’t going to slow down, and it will just rotate the face your impact you’ll have an open face and the ball will go right. And conversely if you see that your mark is more towards the heel, it is going to slow the heel part of the club down, the toe is going to accelerate round because it's not being impacted with anything. And strike mark off the heel you tend to see the ball flying left in the air. So have a look at your club face and notice where you are leaving the strike mark.

You can also buy face tapes so that’s just a little piece of tape that you can put on to your club face. And if you put that on on the center when you hit the ball it will leave a strike mark there for you it will leave a nice dark mark and then you can have a look at where you’ve actually connected with the ball. Also, if you have a look at the sole, if you striking off the range marks, the range marks will also leave a strike mark as the club goes through. So if you notice that your marks are quite across the sole of the club, straight across a right angle to the leading edge, then you know your swing path is really down the target line. But if you start to notice that your strike mark is an angle across the sole of the club. Then that’s showing you that you are not swinging down the target line. Again, this is going to give you information for why the ball is moving the way it moved. So if you take an alignment pole just to represent the target line, if I pop that there. When I've hit my golf shot, if my club head is moved from the far side of that alignment pole, of the target line and then across it, I’ll tend to see a strike mark like this across the bottom of the club.

So it will be that way with the mark that's left. And also if I'm going from inside the target line across it this way again it’ll look the other way around. You can also get sole tape that you can put on as well. And the sole tape if your impact mark tends to be more towards the heel, the golf club is coming in and it's hitting the ground like this. And again, it's going to slow this part of the club down, the toe will go round and you’ll tend to hit left and if your mark is more off the toe, your ground in the club on the toe, and the heel will go round so that you will hit the ball more on to the right. So look at the club head, look at the sole marks and you can get a lot of information on what's happening with your golf shot by looking at these marks and then by applying that knowledge you can start to straighten your shots up, and hitting much better golf shots.