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Video Transcript

With this swing tip video we are going to have a look at how your spine angle affects your swing plane. So first of all, let’s have a look at what swing plane is. Swing plane just purely means it’s the angle that you are going to swing the club around you during your golf swing. So on your back swing and your down swing so it’s this angle here, the angle of the club head’s travelling around you as you are moving during your golf swing. Now your spine angle and how you set your spine angle really does affect this. So it’s really important that you get the correct spine angle at the start because then at least you are starting from the correct position and you’ve got a great chance to make a good golf swing from that. If you are not in the right position to start with you are fighting a losing battle. So to set your spine angle correctly you want to work on keeping a really straight back the best way to do that is take your golf club, just place it so that it’s directly down your back from the bottom of your back to the back of your head.

And you want to have your back nice and straight to the back of your head, your shoulders and the bottom of your back all touching this golf club. As you go to take your posture you tilt your spine forwards and then just soften your knees, but I’ve cut my back really straight as I’ve done that. And I want to tilt forwards until I’m in a position where I’d be able to just let my arms dangle under my shoulders because that’s the position I want to be in to hit my golf shot. So from this position here just let my arms dangle and that’s the position to be in to hit my golf shots. So my spine is now set really nicely and I’m going to be able to make a good turn and be on plane and make a good swing plane as I swing back. If I stand too upright so I don’t tilt forward I keep my back straight and I become more in this position, a sitting position I’ll find it really difficult to rotate my shoulders. So from this position my spine angle being very vertical and upright I’m going to tend to lift my arms and I’ll have a very steep swing plane which means the club head will really go up quite vertically rather than go around me at a shallow angle.

Similarly if I curve forward so if I put the club down my back again and I go to lean forwards but I don’t do it from my hip so I do it more from my shoulders so I kind of hunch my back and go in to this curved position I’m going to find that from that position there I’ll really have a very low and flat swing plane. And I won’t get enough angle, enough steepness to make a good attack back down at the ball. So setting your spine angle really does affect your swing plane but if you work on keeping your spine straight the way we just discussed tilting forward and getting in to a position where your arms can dangle quite vertically under your shoulders, you’ll find that you set a really good swing plane and hit some great golf shots from that position.