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How can I get my golf pitch shots to check on the green more? Well one of the ways you can really improve the spin and the check you get on the green is to actually strike the golf ball and then strike the turf. If you find that you’re striking the turf first and then the ball, you’ll be catching the ball on the up swing, you’ll be loosing a lot of power as you into the green but also you’re not making the golf ball spin as much as it could. If you get the club to make a downward striking action on to the ball, like this, the loft or the angle of the club base will force the ball to spin up here and it’s that’s spinning creating that back spin that gets the ball to check on the green a lot more. So what we need to do is get you to increase that check on the green is to get to strike the ball and then the turf. And one of the main reasons that you are striking the turf and then the ball is as you swing back, you’re leaning back in the shot trying to have the ball go out rather than letting the club do the work for you.

As you lean back, the club will strike the ground slightly before the ball and then you’ll catch the ball on your upswing and you won’t generate the same amount of back swing, back spin. So, strike the ball cleaner then strike the turf. So here’s a really good drill if you’re struggling to strike the ball, and then the turf. Why would you usually you would play the ball from the middle of your stance and you would strike the ground here. Okay, before the ball on the right hand side. So what I’d work on doing is we need to put this low point more to the left so deliberately just move the ball more towards the front foot. This is just as a practice drill to help you learn that as you swing again, you got to move your body more to the left to get the low point for the club where the ball is rather than to get a low point for where the ball is too early. So move the ball forward, strike some shots like that, it may help to put the ball on a tee pad just initially, so to start of you think the ball is here but you’re swinging back and actually striking the ball from there. So center ball position is where you’re playing your pitch, swing the club back but then move forward so that you can see you strike that tee pad. That will definitely stop you hitting the ground and swinging up. If you catch the ball cleanly, you haven’t swung down. So do that drill, then put the ball back to a normal position on the floor and you should find that you’re striking the ball much cleaner.