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Video Transcript

This is a really great tip for you when you’re at the range, if you’re working on improving your golf swing plane. So what we’re going to use is the stand bag that you’ll have taken with you or you could use your trolley bag if it’s angled on your trolley. We need to place the bottom of the stand bag so that’s in line with the golf ball, okay. And then let the stand just come out so that we can see this angle, and we are going to use this angle as our swing plane. So now we’re going to set up ready to hit the golf shot, we’ve got the ball in-line with the bottom of the bag there, and what we’re going to practice doing is swinging the club head slowly away from the ball along the target line, and using the wrist to hinge the club head so that it just elevates and moves over the other side of the stand bag. So along the target line towards the end of the stand bag using the wrist so the club head comes up of the angle of the stand bag. And this is a really good position to be in now when you take away your hands are still forward of your body the shaft of the club is pointing directly right and parallel to the target line and the club head is as high as your hands. From this position, we’re just going to allow the club head to continue with the same movement so it’s your hinge and your wrist and the club head moves along the top of the golf bag and into this position so that now the shaft of the club looks like it’s parallel to the angle of the stand bag but just above it.

From here we can just continue to rotate the shoulders and now the left arm should also become parallel to that stand bag. And as we swing back in we can just work on reversing that so we’re going to pull the hands down just along the outer edge of the golf bag, the shaft of the club becomes parallel to the upper outer edge of the golf bag, and then the club head drops down along the upper part of the golf bag, and then into the golf ball. So if you’re struggling with swing plane, that’s a much easier drill for you to do at the range you’ll have your clubs and you’ll have your equipment with you, so set the stand bag up and use the angle of the stand bag to help you see how the club should be moving correctly when it’s on plane.