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Video Transcript

During a golf swing for all women it’s really important that you’re not just using your arms but you’re starting to turn your upper body and using your shoulders as well. This is going to help you create much more distance to your shots, you’ll create a faster club head speed, and that’s going to transfer into the ball and allow you to hit the ball further. Now a lot of men can get away with just using their arms during the swing and not really rotating their body, but that s purely because they are physically stronger than us women.

So for us to generate distance, we really need to be making sure that our larger muscles are working, our upper body is turning, our shoulders are turning and really helping to deliver a lot of speed back into the club head and the ball at impacts. So as you make your swing, set up in a really well balanced position and rather than just using your arms and lifting the club away, this sort of action, work on turning from the upper body, so look at starting in a position which creates a straight line from the left shoulder down to the left hand and then into the club head.

You really want to see this nice straight line position. Move the straight line away to the right, so you’re keeping the club head on the target line and moving it straight back away from the ball, but start the movement from this area here, the top of that straight line. So rather than just moving the arms and the club away with this point staying fixed, work on turning from here, so the shoulders rotate as well as the arms on the backswing. That’s going to get you into really good rotated position, work on getting your shoulders to rotate from their start position to 90 degrees to the right like where they started and then that’s going to generate maximum speed for you to come back into the ball.

So again create the straight line from left shoulder, left hand and down and to the club head, move the straight line away from the ball by turning from the shoulder, work on rotating the upper body into the backswing, turning 90 degrees to the right and then swinging back into the shot. You’ll now be able to rotate from the knees, into the hips and then finally into the shoulders as the club comes back into the ball at impact. If you start trying to so that on the range and then introduce it on the course, you’re going to hit shots that go a lot further because you’re using the larger muscles in your body and you’re starting to create a lot more rotation.

It’s also going to give you a much better strike. The action way, you just lift your arms up, so this type of action, will give you real sort of upward and vertical movement in the club head and make your backswing very steep. So the club head will go very vertically and then it’s going to have to drop down very steeply on the downswing, so you’re creating this chopping action. And as the club approaches the ball, it’s really going to struggle to do anything other than hit the top of the ball. So that’s going to produce very low shots for you and shots where not a lot of distance is created because all of your energy is moving straight down at the floor.

So start working on rotating the upper body into the backswing, that will help you move the club on a much shallower and flatter angle around you and then as you swing back in, the club will be travelling back down to the ball at a much lower angle and it will allow you to present the club head to the side of the ball rather than chopping down on the top and hitting the top of the ball. So working on turning on to your backswing, rather than just lifting your arms, is going to help you get a lot more consistency and help you hit a lot further with your golf shots.