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A really good tip to create more power and more distance for your golf shots is to reduce the sway that you would see on your back swing. The correct movement on your back swing would be that you're going to turn your shoulders and the legs are going to stay very, very still during this phase of the swing. The way to put it even at this point, continue to turn your shoulders to 90° and your hips now rotate only 40° to 45°. But the weight would feel on the right side and on the in-step of the right foot. This now gives you a very powerful position if you fail on the in-step of the right foot, about 60% of your weight and you can now go to push off the in-step of the right foot a bit like a sprinter would feel as he starts to push out of the blocks so very powerful. If you actually sway too much it can give you a sense that you're going to create power but swaying too much you’ll end up on the outside of the right foot. It's now very, very difficult to push back into the shot which will result in you actually grounding the club early and leaning back as you hit the shot.

Or if you don’t quite ground the club you’ll catch the ball on the up-swing. So it loses a lot of power even though you feel like you're loading more weight upon to that right side, you're actually going to be in an inefficient position and not move well back into the swing. So to correct that rather than moving over to the right and having the weight on the outside of the right foot, concentrate and keep the weight position really even as you initially start the shoulder turn, as the shoulders go to 90° turn, let the hips turn to 40° to 45° but keep the weight on the inside of that right foot. And you’ll start to see that you hit a lot longer and a lot straighter. So work on reducing that sway to produce more longer and more powerful shots.