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Video Transcript

Looking at hitting really crisp, accurate and good pitch shots with great distance control; we need to work on looking at how much wrist bend there should be during your swing. So setting up the crucial hit, as you set the club up, you want to make sure that the shaft of the club’s pointing at your left side. So the left arm and the club look like they’re in a nice straight line. Rather than setting the club in this position which would already start to create an angle this way in the wrist.

So this way on, we don’t want any wrist angle, we want the club to be pointing at the left side for a right-handed golfer. If we look this way on, so with the club pointing at the left side, we want to make sure that there is angle this way. Okay, so that you’re going to be able to cock your wrist during your back swing. So this should be a good position, rather than a straight line like this. So from this angle, good position here, the arms are dangling vertically down on a different angle with the club. And then as we take the club away, we’re going to keep the left arm and the club in a nice straight line.

So this should still look nice and straight in this position here; but if we turn to head on, we can see that the wrist is starting to bend, but it’s doing it this way. So that we’re in a good set wrist position here. How much wrist bend we actually need through the shot on the back swing, will depend on how far we want the shot to go. And also, make sure that as you swing back in – so you’re bending the wrist and cocking the wrist this way on the back swing.

And as you come back in, when you hit the ball, you’re creating that nice straight line again, back in the start position; so that as you follow through, the club and the left arm remain quite straight and in that straight line. And this is going to feel like you’re holding the club off slightly and not allowing the club to release. So the correct action for wrist bend would be, that we want to keep the left arm and the club in a really straight line as we swing back this way, rather than going into this position.

And from head on, we want to make sure that we start in this really straight line position, with the club pointed up the left arm. But we do allow the club head to rise above our hands, so we’re actually setting the club by cocking the wrist this way. How much we need to do that will depend on how mach back swing we need. Make sure we come back into that straight line position as we strike the ball and then hold the club in that straight line as you follow through. That’s really going to crisp up your shots and really help with distance control.