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Video Transcript

Here we’re going to look at discussing where the correct place for acceleration is in your golf swing and how to achieve that. So if we think about where the golf ball is we want to make sure we are delivering maximum club head speed into that golf ball. If we’re delivering maximum club head speed into the golf ball then we’re going to hit the ball as far as possible. If we make the club head move with maximum speed prior to the golf ball and then start to slow down, obviously we are decelerating. And if we’d have got the correct position with the acceleration we would have hit a further golf shot. And also if we’re not accelerating enough and we haven’t picked at the right time and we pick after we’ve hit the golf ball again we’re kind of wasting energy there. If we can time the acceleration to be our maximum point at the bottom of the golf swing where you strike the golf ball you’re going to generate maximum distance.

So let’s have a look at how to create maximum club head speed and the correct acceleration point. This drill I call the whoosh drill. So what we’re doing is we’re listening for the whoosh in the golf club. Just hold your golf club by the heavy end and put your hands on as though you’re holding the grip. And what we’re going to do is we’re going to start to make a golf swing with the club this way round because it will allow us to hear the whoosh noise as the club moves through. So initially if you’re not making a whoosh noise you’re not accelerating the club enough. Keep making swings until you start to hear that whoosh noise appearing. Once it’s there on the next swing work on making a louder whoosh. Okay, and keep doing this until you feel you’re at maximum noise level with that whoosh.

Okay, once you’ve got that whoosh then start to notice where it is in your golf swing. So if we’re looking to generate maximum acceleration at the bottom of the golf swing where we would connect with the ball we don’t want to be hearing the whoosh on the approach to the ball. So we don’t want to be hearing the whoosh happening on the right hand side of the golf ball as you’re looking at it if you’re a right handed golfer. We want to hear the whooshes at the bottom of that swing if not going up into the left. So you’re accelerating through the ball and delivering maximum club head speed to the shot. So if you hear the whoosh on this side you’re releasing the club too early. You’re accelerating too quickly, you’re putting maximum club head speed into the shot before you’ve got to the ball and so you’ll be slowing down as you get to the ball. Work on achieving a whoosh noise from where the ball would be just through it. So that should be from the bottom of the swing just to the left.

If you work on putting the whoosh in the correct place in your golf swing then you’ll really start to see you generate a lot more distance to your golf shots.