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Video Transcript

If you are looking to improve the consistency within your swing and your golf game then work on this tip. If you put a pause in at the top of your backswing before you start your down swing, you are going become a much more consistent golfer. The reason for this is, it's important that you don’t start your golf swing on your downswing too quickly. You need to stay connected with the chest, the arms and the club all acting as one unit. So start more controls and then build the power into it. A good way to practice that is to hit some half shots and swing the club just to about a waist high, once you've got the club to waist high, stop count to three then swing the club back down. If you watch the better players in the modern game, you'll see all of them do have a pause between swinging the club back and before they start swinging the club back down, it might only be for split second but there is a pause there.

If you think of how pendulum operates, if we swing the pendulum back there is a momentary pause where the pendulum is no longer swinging this way before it starts to swing with its momentum coming back this way. So there is momentary spilt second of pause here, the pendulum then swings back through, there'll be a momentary pause here before the split and the split second before the pendulum comes back down. That’s what we are looking for in your golf swing. So we are going to practice just taking some half shots, swinging back to about waist high, feeling that split second of pause but to exaggerate count yourself one, two, three then swing the club back down. That’s going to start to get you to feel that pause and to become much more connected as you swing back down which all the top players do. So set up, swing half way one, two, three then swing through and that’s going to give a much more controlled and connected down swing.