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Many golfers want to improve their golf swing by actually improving the strike they get on the golf ball. Now in order to improve the strike you get on the golf ball, we've got to look at your start-up position and make sure that that is in a really good start position and it maintains the position throughout the swing. So if we look at the start position, work on getting your spine angle correct, maintaining that all the way throughout the swing, making sure you have good balance all the way through and then you will be able to return the club back to the ball correctly.

Now the sweet spot on the golf club is about the size of a medium coin. And as we swing the club, we are looking to bring that sweet spot back, so the ball is struck from the sweet spot. And this can seem really difficult to people that are new to golf because that club head and that sweet spot are so small and the club is travelling over 100 miles an hour. It seems a difficult proposition to do it. But if you maintain a good start position and you keep your spine angle and your balance through the swing, it will be much easier to bring the sweet spot back to the middle of the ball.

One good tip that I would give you for practicing doing this is either use face tape which you can just put onto your club, or if you draw a little plus sign in the middle of that club face and we score that as a 10, if the ball is hit from where that plus sign is. If the ball starts to drop too low, as it moves away from that plus sign towards the bottom of the club, we'll start to lower the score we give that to zero being we've missed the ball. We can also do this laterally as well. So if the strike feels more towards the toe as the ball move out from here, this is a 10 and we can just score it lower and lower until we would be zero if we totally missed the ball because the club is inside the ball. So as you go to strike the ball, try to grade it out of ten. Ten out of ten would be absolutely from the middle of that club, if you feel that the stride was laterally incorrect so that you start to feel that the club is lifting up as its connecting with the ball, lower the score down depending on how much you feel it was from the middle.

If you feel it's more of a sideways movement rather than a vertical movement, again give yourself a score and then work on correcting that on the next shot, so you are trying to move towards 10 all the time, the closer you get towards hitting a 10-10 sharp which is vertically correct on the club face and laterally correct on the club face, you are going to hit much more accurate and much more longer shots. Try it on the driving range, if you use face tape you will see where the impact mark is, that will help you work out how you’ve got to move the club about. But give it some feel as well, give the score 10 for lateral, 10 for vertical and then take that onto the court, you will hit a lot better.