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So for a flawless and best golf swing one of the best things that you can work on is to make sure that your forearm stay really close together and touch as you release the club. If you look at the world’s top players you will see they all have their little idiosyncrasies with their swing, but one of the most common things they all do is once they are impact is release the club in a really similar way. So good drills to help you work on that is, go to the range just swing half way back to about waist height, comeback down to where impact would be and then as you swing through work on feeling like your forearms are going to touch each other, that will help you to get a really good release through the impact position and onto the follow through. So practice from waist high, to swing back and through, nice and slowly to start with and allow the arms to stay really close together. If you struggle with that a good tip would be take an old belt just place it around your elbows and that will prevent your elbows from pulling apart as you hit the golf ball. So work on from waist high, hit the ball and keep the forearm together for a really, really consistent release.