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I think one of the biggest issues which beginners and higher handicappers would struggle with during the golf swing, is the fallacy that you should keep your head down. Keeping your head down you would never hear a PGA professional giving you that instruction at all. It's important that you allow your head to move well, so that your body underneath it can rotate through the golf swing and allow you to deliver maximum power into that golf ball. It will also help you with directional control, if you don’t allow your head to move correctly during your golf swing, you can end up pulling the club away from the target line affecting the club face and it affects the direction you are hitting the ball in as well. So work on your correct club head, your correct head position as you swing, on your backswing your head will be quite stable, it's not going to lift, it wont particular drop and it won't move right or left.

So you do see a stable position with your head on your backswing, swinging back down into the ball better players would make a squatting action, so we would see a slight drop in head height but again it would maintain a relatively static position left to right. However if we look at your follow through, once you've hit the golf ball, if you then continue to keep your head down looking at the grass once the ball is gone, this head position will block your ability to be able to rotate your upper body through the golf shot correctly. And the effect of this is your are going to either swing movement down and slow the speed that you are delivering the club head to the ball or because you can't rotate your shoulders and your upper body through the shot really, your hands will become too active, you'll turn the club face over with your hands and the club face will be pointing left.

So this can result in you hitting a lot of shots that miss the target to the left. So in order to improve your head position on you follow through, allow your head to turn, allow your eyes to follow the ball, allow you head to rotate and allow your head to lift upwards through the follow through position. Working on as you swing down the right shoulder, as the right shoulder starts to approach, the right side of your chin allow that to knock your head towards the target so you are rotating, looking at the target with your head and lifting your head up into a really nice finish position. So allowing your head to move correctly during your golf shot, especially on your follow through will stop you slowing your swing down. It will stop you blocking the rotational movement that you need as you go through the shot, so you'll start to hit straighter shots that fly a lot further.