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If you understand what affect the ball flight to the golf shots that you hit? It’s a really good, good diagnostic tool to have because when you're in the driving range you start to see that the ball flight isn’t what you wanted to be if you understand what's caused that to happen you then know what you got to do to make the corrections to get back to the ball flight that you want. So it's really important if you're going to be able to improve your golf to understand exactly what the ball flight is doing.

The ball flight is affected by two things. The first one is the clubface and where the clubface is aiming. Now, this is 85% responsible for why the ball flies in the direction that its gone in, and there from this position here if the clubface is aiming to the left of the target, the ball is going to go that way. If the clubface is aiming at the target, the ball is going to go that way, and if the clubface is aiming right at the target, the ball is going to go that way. So 85% of your ball flight is due to that clubface position.

Both direction and ball flight also influenced by swing path. What swing path means is it's the direction that your club head is traveling in as it strikes the ball. So if we think about the target line and the club head is traveling in the direction of the target line there you're moving straight down the target line. If though the club head is approaching the target line from the inside so that means from your side of that target line, you have an in swing path that will then go to out to the far side, and conversely if the target line the club head is on the far side of it you got an out swing path which will then come to the inside of it.

So we've got three possible swing paths. We can go in to out. We can go down the target line or we can go out-to-in, and on those three different swing paths we then got three possible clubface positions. The clubface can be pointing left of that swing path. It can be pointing in line with that swing path or it can be pointing to the right of that swing path, so that gives you nine possible shots that you could be hitting, so if you understand the rules of governing why your ball is flying in the way its flying, when you then see a shot going in the direction you don’t wanted to. You can feed that back into diagnose exactly what must have happened as you hit that shot, and you know what you need to alter whether its clubface or whether its club head swing path.