Video Series

Video Transcript

There’s a certain concept that in golf as in life, you can’t really tell where you’re going unless you know where you are now. So really what we want to establish with this hip action, is we need to know what your hip action looks like currently then we can work out the things that you need to develop and you need to change to improve your hip action. And again hip action is a very difficult thing for you to see or even feel yourself. Because you’re not really looking at your hips, you’re far more focused on what the ball’s doing; and you’re not really sure what your hips are doing. And if you’re watching your hips you’re probably not focused enough on the golf ball anyway. So this is where a video camera or a mate holding a video camera is going to be very important. So video camera placed, as mine is here head on in front of me, go ahead then and hit a few shots. Knock a few shots out there, and even try with a few different clubs. You might hit a couple of wedges, you may hit a couple of mid irons, and a couple of drivers and see what your hip action looks like.

And the key thing is really that you’re going to be looking for within that hip action, making sure that your hips are square at address, as in their facing to the camera. Then during the backswing, they should be rotating but quite quietly as they load the body weight into the right in step. They should then start the transition as they move across to the left hand side making sure they turn across nicely. And then check again where you are in the finish position, where were you when you finished your swing. So we’re looking for square hips, a little bit of action, lots of action, and then start the downswing don’t forget, and then that nice big balance finished position. And once you’ve reviewed that a few times, maybe even using the slow motion function on the camera so you can see that a bit more detailed. From the front on, wedge, mid iron and driver, once you’ve seen those areas with those three different clubs, you can then go ahead and work out which bits you need to improve on. But unless you’ve videoed your swing, there’s probably very little chance you’re aware of what your hip action your currently doing; you don’t know therefore how to improve it.