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Can I use hybrid irons instead of short irons to improve my golf? Now hybrid golf clubs are a fantastic combination between a fairway wood and an iron, and as such they offer kind of the best of both worlds, the forgiveness and the actual height that you should get off a fairway wood, but then the playability and the distance control that you get off an iron. Now if you’re struggling to hit your short irons, going for the hybrid option could be a fantastic way to go, because they do offer so much more forgiveness. The other combination like we say of an iron and a fairway wood and have a very wide sole and lots and lots of perimeter waiting around the outside, now this combination allows the club to get underneath the ball, lift it very, very high but also toe and heel strikes are kind of mitigated by the perimeter waiting and they become such an easy and forgiving club to use. Probably the biggest advantage as well of a hybrid club, is you don’t have to with actual technique, you can still use your short iron technique. I’ve got my kind of 5 replacement here, but I can just use it exactly the same as I would an iron striking down and through, and getting a much higher, a much more forgiving ball flight. So if you are struggling with your short irons and you want to try and replace them with hybrids, give them a go; you never know what might happen and you might improve your game.