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Video Transcript

When people are struggling to figure out where about they are at the top of the golf backswing it can seem like a big, big problem, because without the use of video technology, if you are at the driving range it’s hard to tell exactly where you are at. Now a great drill that you can use to get a better sensation is a pause drill. Now a pause drill is literally as simple as it sounds. Its taking yourself back to the top of the backswing, pausing for a moment and then carrying on to the rest of the down swing, with the pause drill it allows you to get the sensation of exactly where you are at. Now pause drill very, very simple as I mentioned is taking it all to the top pausing and then swinging down and hitting.

Now the amount of pause that you have at the top of the backswing is entirely dependent on how comfortable do you feel? But what you will tend to see is if you focus on that right knee and that hip turn, that shoulder turn that we’ve already spoken about moving it all to the top and pausing, you can just see and you can just check and you can feel exactly the position that you are in. And what you can then do is just try and push it that a little bit more. When people try and force their backswing into a longer position what can sometimes happen is the transition from the top of the swing down into the point of impact can become very, very rushed. By adding in this little bit of a pause at the top it allows a golfer just to stop, just to get the feeling a little bit better and then continue to swing onwards.

So again how to practice and how to swing this is getting set up, is taking it to the top, pausing and then moving through. And you can do that for a few seconds, two seconds maybe one second then half a second and then continue on to what you consider a normal swing pace without the pause. But by using that break at the top of your swing you can really get a better sensation of exactly where you are at.