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How can I improve strikes on my golf chip shots? How can I improve strikes on my golf chip shots? Now to improve the strike on your golf chip shot, you need and you must have an accurate and consistent setup each time. As well as an accurate and consistent setup each time, you need to make sure that the ball position is appropriate for the shot that you want to play. Now for example I've got a 56 degree sand wedge here which is a high lofted wedge that will get the ball rising high and stopping quickly on the green. Now this shot would be ideal if I've got a little bit of roof to get over when I land this softly and then I release a little bit off towards the pin, so club selection is very, very important. Now to achieve that consistent strike make sure your setup to your chip follows the same pattern. Normally with a setup, with a full shot my feet and my hips will all be square to my target line. With only sure shot and with no much power in the swing, I’ll actually bring my feet closer together to ensure more accurate strike but also rotate my feet to my hips to point off to the left, the target line.

Now what this is going to do is preset my hips into an impact position. Because I don’t have time to rotate and turn through a chip, I need them to be preset into this position. After I've done that I'm going to bring my shoulders so they are square to my target line. Because I still want my club path to be travelling slightly inside to slightly inside and square. Now I'm going to setup with my shoulders, I'm going to put a little bit more weight on my front foot and I'm going to get my hands ahead of the ball. This is going to steep in my angle of attack and get the swing going after bottom out just after the ball. Now this is the key, if you can keep this setup the same, if you can move the shoulders back and through with utmost wrist inch, get the hands back ahead of the ball at this point of impact striking the ball first and then the turf. That is what is going to produce the most consistent strikes and the most consistent amount of back spin and check. So I got my feet open, my hips slightly open, my shoulder square to the target line, my weight 60% on my front foot my hands slightly ahead, I'm going to move my shoulders back and throw. Return that club just ahead of the ball at impact and that’s going to allow me to produce the most amount of spin and the most amount of consistency when I'm hitting chip shots.