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Video Transcript

How can I improve inside the scoring zone? Now first of all, the scoring zone is anywhere from a 100 yards and in to the hole, so it covers your pitching, your chipping, your bunker play, and your putting, so those four key elements to actually improving how you play within that scoring zone. Now it’s important that you get a good basic technique, in each of these different aspects, so with the pitching, you need to be making sure you have a consistent swing length, and you need to be making sure, you’re striking down consistently on the ball.

With your chipping you need to ensure you’ve a nice feel in the hands, that your feet and your hips are set open, and again you're striking consistently down and through the ball, to be able to get some control over the ball once it lands. With the putting you need to make sure that your eyes are over the ball, and you’re rocking your shoulders back in through the stroke with a nice pendulum motion. And with the actual bunker play, that’s probably the toughest technique of all that involves opening the stance holding in the club face and just taking a fine layer of sand from underneath the ball, while lifting it up, and getting it stopping nice and softly.

Now these four key areas within the scoring zone they need to be practiced. They need to have an individual lesson with a golf pro, and then they need to be practiced at the driving range. A big mistake that you could make is just do it like things at your practice is a few chips around the green, and a few you putts around the green, before you go out and play. So improve yourself within the scoring zone, it takes a little bit of time, and a little bit of practice as well.

You can expect to put the feel into your hands that you need, just with a few chips and a few putts before you go out to play. So go and spare sometime within your practice time, make time if there’s no time at the moment, and actually work on those four key areas within the scoring zone, and you’ll soon find that your overall game has improved, and your handicap will begin to drop.