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Video Transcript

What are my motor skills and how can I improve them to help improve my golf? Now the definition of a motor skill: is a motor skill is an intentional movement involving a motor or a muscular component, they must be learned and voluntarily produced to proficiently perform a goal orientated task, that’s according to sports scientists. Now in golf that can kind of relate to so many different movements. And as far as motor skills go, learning to control muscular components of the body will help me to control certain movements in the swing. Now as far as the golf swing goes learning a motor skill such as moving the right arms throughout the back swing, if you can focus on that, learn that, groove that over a period of time hitting lots and lots of balls, it can then become engrained as a natural movement. And that’s the whole reason why you go for a lesson or you watch these videos to try and learn a new movement to learn a new skill, to practice it, to perfect it and to engrain it.

And what is engrained is there in your golf swing hopefully for an extended period at a time, and when you are out on the golf course you can call upon that motor skill to produce the shot that you want. Now a great kind of an example of this is the skill to actually rotate the body through impact. So using the abdominals, the gluts, the hamstrings, the core muscles to actually turn the body through the ball, if you can get used to it and you can become proficient in actually turning the hips, rotating the core, driving with the legs, getting used to that movement, grooving it, engraining it, when you actually come to a golf shot and you want to hit a proficient shot, you can call upon those movements, to actually turn through and help strike that ball away. So there are a lot of different motor skills that you can actually learn by using it to identify an area of the golf technique that you want to improve, working on those body components, those movements, engraining them, practicing them and then hopefully you can take them out onto the course and hit some good shots.