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How can a proper release help improve my golf shots? Now the release of the club is very, very simply the club face matching up to the path as it moves through the ball. If the clubface matches up to the path as it moves through the ball it's going to go where the path is travelling. So if you have a square path through the shot that’s travelling down towards the target and the clubface releases naturally with that path, you're going to have a very straight golf shot. Now the release of the golf club, what it was always kind of taught and what is taught kind of just similar today if you are struggling to release it. Is the clubface following a path back where it seems like it's opening up but in relation to your path and your swing plane it is still square to your target line.

And then through impact it rotates closed, but there is no closing it is again simply staying square to the swing path. Now one of the ways you can actually do this is to get the feeling like the fore arms are rotating and crossing over very quickly. However this has the disadvantage of making it a very wristy and a very flicky stroke. It's a lot more easy to actually focus on the arms and shoulders staying as one unit and actually driving through the shot keeping all this connected. Even this you can see that clubface has continued to rotate into a nicely square position through the shot. Now to practice this release is going to give you a lot more accuracy because the clubface will be square to your targeted impact, but is also going to give you more distance. Because you won't be holding off the club and you won't be kind of hocking the club, hocking the ball to the left hand side. That clubface is going to be square to your path and hopefully give the best of both worlds.

But the way to practice this, just focus on keeping the arms and the shoulders connected, rotate those shoulders back, rotate those shoulders through, just trying to keep everything connected. And if you keep everything connected and you keep those hands nice and passive, that club will have released very, very naturally. So then don’t get caught in the traffic trying to flick those hands over, just keep everything connected, turn the body and that clubface will remain hopefully square to your path.