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Video Transcript

If you struggle with your golf swing in particular when you feel like you are rushing your swing you actually hit bad shots, then Jay Haas is probably a really good role-model from the PGA Tour players he is well worth watching. Jay has this very particular sort of pause at the top of his swing. You know some might describe as a little hitch in his swing, he doesn’t have the best back swing in the world, but he loads it up okay and then he waits before we start his downswing. It’s contrary to what you see most good players doing, most good players start that back swing start their downswing and then flow into it. So they don’t actually have two separate movements but they have movements that flow together, but if you feel like when you try and flow those movements together you might rush a bit if you swing, you might over rotate your shoulders too early, you might not finish your backswing before you try and start your downswing. Actually having a little pause at the top is quite a good exercise. So you turn to the top of your swing count for one and then swing down, so you have a deliberately little pause, but also it might help you just get the feeling of sequencing the right part of the movement first which should be that the lower half starts first before the upper half. So like I suggested, if you go up and start down too early with your upper body, the pause at the top might just let you start your lower body first.

So a little exercise here be turn to the top, let your left heel lift, stump your left heel down to start your downswing. Normally lifting the left heel it not something I would normally encourage but for this exercise let the left heel come up, stump it down to stop the downswing so that swing would now look like this, slowly back, stump the heel and turn through. And if you can make that swing as just a little drill it doesn’t necessarily need to be full power, turn back stump the heel and swing through. It might just give you a better sequencing so you don’t brush your upper body over the top and go too fast with your shoulders but you just wait for the bottom half to start your downswing. Have a little practice of that next time you are at the driving range.