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How can I improve my bogey hole? Now most amateur golfers when they get to their course where they regularly play at, there’s normally one hole that they actually dread getting to and its what’s known as a bogey hole. It doesn’t actually mean that you have to get a bogey on that hole for it to be a bad hole you could be standing on that tee thinking I’m lucky to get out of there with an eight or a nine. That’s what’s known as a bogey hole or a hole that you just really cannot get on with. Now to better play that hole use good course management and then practice the shot that you need to play. So if your face would say a very tough very difficult par-4 let’s say for example a 450 yard par-4 that you can’t reach in two shots and it’s a very tight fairway.

On that tee you should be thinking I’ll play this shot as a par-5 hopefully get a birdie if when playing it as a par-5 but I need to keep the ball on the straight and narrow and make sure I give myself a chance of not racking up those high numbers. Once you decided the shots you need to play so a straight drive a great layup and then a lovely chip on and then hopefully hold in the pot you can go away to the practice range and work on those shots. Work on that straight drive, work on that layup shot, work on that pitch and work on that put. That’s the way you can overcome your fear and it’s the way you can overcome your bad scores on that particular hole. What you don’t want to be doing is just standing on that tee every week thinking well this is going to wreck my scorecard and there’s nothing I can do about it. You should be standing on that tee fully prepared and fully practiced and ready to take it on. If you use good course management you plan the hole out, you practice those shots your score on that hole will reduce and hopefully with that nightmare off the card your handicap will drop and you’ll put in yourself in with a chance of hopefully winning a competition or two.