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Video Transcript

In this clip we are going to look at how does arm alignment affect my golf shots. There’s two ways that arm alignment can affect your golf shots. First of all if we look from the side, once you are in your posture we can have golf arm alignment in this position. Now what you are looking for is to get your arms directly hanging under your shoulders. So if you are standing too far from the ball and your arms are out in this position as you swing the golf club when you bring the club back down to the ball your arms will return more top their natural position here and you will pull the club in away from the ball, and you will start to hit shots off the toe with a club, and that’s going to affect the direction of that you hit the ball in. If the ball is striped from the toe the club you are going to hit the ball out to the right and you are also going to lose power.

If you are standing with your arms too close to your body in this position, again when you swing the club and then swing back in your arms will return more to their natural position which is away from your body that will push the club head further towards the ball and you will end up striking the ball of the heel of the club or maybe even the hosel and end up shanking the shot. You strike off the heel that would will tend to give you a shot to the left but if the club has been pushed further away and the hosel strikes, you will get a really nasty golf shot a chunk which goes very low and over to the right. So that’s the first way that your arm alignment can affect your golf shots. But similarly arm alignment can also affect your golf shots with this position whether your left arm is in front of your right or whether your right arms is in front of your left. The correct position to be in would be to have both your forearms level with each other.

So if we put a line across your forearms here they would look quite parallel to the line you want to hit the ball. If you are more in this position with your left arm more forward and your right arm further back and tuck more into your body, you are going to tend to hit the ball out to the right there because its affecting your shoulder position as well, and as the club swings back in you will just push the ball out to the right. If the right golf arm is further forward than the left again the shoulders will turn to the left that will force you to take the club away on the outside of the target line rather than straight back along it and again you’re going to hit the ball over to the left with that position. So arm alignment can really affect your golf shots with the strike that you will get and your directional control, so work on trying to get your arms directly under your shoulders and keep your forearms parallel to the target line, you should find that you’re hitting much better golf shots.