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How can hip alignment affect my golf shot, okay. How can hip alignment affect my golf shots? Well hip alignment massively affects your golf shots and it’s going to affect it with regards to the direction and the accuracy of your golf shots. First of all let’s look at the correct position to be in with your hip alignment. What we’ll do to just demonstrate this, if I just put an alignment pole through my belt hooks here just to show you my hip position. When you setup if we are going to hit the ball along this yellow line here if that’s our target line we want to setup so that your hips are parallel to that yellow line and the red pole here will be showing my hip alignment.

If we setup in a position where the hips are parallel to the target line we are going to be able to swing the club head back along the target line and then onto a good plane and into a good position. And as we swing back down we will be able to rotate the hips through the shots and swing the club head back along the target line. If you setup in a position where your hips are already rotated either to the left as in this position or to the right, that’s going to affect the direction that you swing the club back on. So if we look at setting up with your hips closed and by closed your hip line is now pointing to the right of the target as you swing the club head away the club head rather than swinging down the target line, will now swing inside it and you will start to swing on a much flatter plane than you need. As you swing back in, the club head will approach from the inside and swing across the target line and you will end up hitting the ball out to the right. If we look at being open with the hip alignment aiming the left of the target the opposite will happen. You will take the club head on the outside of the target line you will now swing much more upright and as you swing back down you will cut across the alignment line – the target line. So hip alignment is really important if you are going to hit straight shots and work on getting your hips parallel to the target line.