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How can the width of my stance affect the length of my golf swing? Well, let’s take this from two extremes, pitching wedge and driver. These two clubs of very, very different lengths, so the swing arc that you are going to create with the club head will vary, y Your pitching wedge as you swing that around with the club head isn’t as far away from your body as it is with the driver. So with the shorter club you are creating a smaller swing arc and with a longer club you are creating a much bigger swing arc, now that’s important because it affects the amount of speed that you can then pick up with the club.

It obviously takes longer to swing the club head around the bigger swing arc, so you’ve got more time to pick up speed as you swing the club, so your pitching wedge you are not going to swing that club as fast as you are to swing your driver. So with the driver because you are swinging it as fast as possible, we need the widest possible stance, because that’s going to allow you to cope with the speed that you are generating with that golf club. So you want to see that you’ve got a really nice wide stance, if you narrow that stance down too much and you try and swing your drivers as fast as you can, you are going to really find it difficult to keep your balance and if you are off balance, it obviously going to affect how you hit shot both connection wise and directionally.

So a driver needs a very wide stance. However, with your pitching wedge using your smaller clubs it’s absolutely fine to set up narrower, because you are not generating as much speed and this will get you really to focus on your balance. So a much narrower stance, a slightly softer swing, where you are not hitting as hard as you could and you can easily keep your balance through the shot. So that’s how your stance width will affect the swing that you get.