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How many times I wonder have you played to a false green. A false green is basically where the front portion of the green here, that’s a normal green. It’s where the front portion actually sloped back towards you. So how many times have you played a shot, you think oh great golf shot. It lands on the green, you walk up there and it rolled all the way back down to the green if you locate to the front or even going back down the fairway.

When you think about it, it’s nothing more infuriating. You played a good shot, but this is what we call a False Front Green. So from there what I'm going to do is concentrate on two options of how to play this golf shot. The first option is you think about it. We just played a lovely shot onto the front of the green, but we haven’t got the reward. It’s come all the way back down again so you're still faced with the same sort of shot. So I think what it would do? Let's take one club more. Take one club more. Let's land don't look at where the front of the green. You know its sloping towards you. Let's go beyond the flag. Land it beyond the flag. Worst scenario is you're slightly high up the ground, but you're on the ground that's the important thing.

Its all about percentage golf isn't it? Second thing is, and just imagine that you played that shot and you've actually come up with slightly short of the green because you hit and you spun back or you miss clubbed then you got two options. You can either pull out a sand wedge and think right if the lie is good, and it's very important the lie is not good don't even go down this avenue. Pull out the sand wedge, loft wedge and then from there you got to try and loft the ball up carry it out all the slope, all the terrain and land it softly onto the green that's one option. Another option is using a hybrid. Hybrid very, very popular club on the turf at chipping very simple, especially I'm a senior golfer and you know you guys are out there senior golf this is simple. Use your hybrid. You just show off the green.

Set yourself up then chip and run, ball position in the middle just like a putting stance really and from there just swing it from your shoulders, and by swinging it from your shoulders you're going to keep that low and then to keep it low top spin again just going to get you onto the green and maybe on the flag. So you got two options. One option is back down the fairway miss clubbed. Let's take a club more. It makes more sense. Just short of the green we can have to loft the shot on and carryout all the sort of slopes or second option from next to green is to chip and run it, but rather than use a 7-iron to a 6-iron, use your hybrid, it's a very safe shot. That's how we go playing to a false green.