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Video Transcript

Here is a really great drill that will ensure that your eyes are directly over the top of the golf ball when you are taking your putts. First of all we need to understand why that’s important; there’s two factors really by having my eyes directly on top of the ball when I am putting it’s going to ensure that my shoulders are directly above my hands. So therefore when my shoulders are directly above my hands, I rock my shoulders the club come straight back and straight through. If my shoulders were inside the line of my hands that have a curving stroke, if my shoulders were outside the line of my hands, my stroke would curve the opposite direction. So by checking that my eyes are over at the top of the ball generally my shoulder would hang directly above the top of my hands.

The second really good checkpoint or the reason why we need to have the eyes directly over the ball when we are putting is because if I was to, to shoot a gun I couldn’t aim the gun particularly well if my eyes weren’t in line, I have my eyes directly in line with the barrel I can then see where I am going same when I am taking my putts. I want to have my eyes directly over the top of the ball, then I can make a much better stroke by looking down the target line here I can see the line that I want the ball to roll on, if I didn’t have my eyes directly over the top I would struggle.

So a great checkpoint here to make sure you have got that position is to simply take a mirror and this is a mirror specifically designed for putting but if you don’t have one of these it’s not the end of the world, I will give you another solution in a minute. But I place that down there and I put my golf ball right in the spot. I then setup over the top of that and I can simply see that my eyes are aiming exactly down the target line for when I look the setting right on top of the ball. If I was over here I look down now I can just see the top of my head in the mirror and there my – on the other side on the ball’s positioned opposite my belly button.

So using a mirror to check is great, now a really nice little shape mirror that everyone has got lying down the house would be a CD take a CD case also take the CD out of the case, turn it upside down so you have got the reflective side facing upwards and put the ball in the hole in the middle of the CD then put the clubbing next to the – and look over the top and you should be able to see in the CD surface the reflection of your eyes.

And that’s the best drill I can give you to make sure your eyes are directly over the ball when you are practicing your putting.