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Video Transcript

Okay so how can I stop leaving Bunker shots in the trap? The trap is a another name for a bunker, so how can I stop leaving them inside? Well simple solution really will be to try swing a little bit but more shallow and take less sand. The biggest reason why people tend to leave the ball in the bunker is from hitting too much sand. So you can imagine setting yourself up how many times did you come and hit a lot of sand and the ball just literally just flipped itself into the bunker and it’s still there still waiting to be hit. So we are going to tackle this issue of leaving the ball in the bunker from hitting too much sand.

So what I need to do is to think, right okay what I need to too much I‘m going to hit less sand so what I’m I going to do? The first thing is, is when you set yourself up is you could possibly being, have your weight a little too much on your left-hand side. So put your weight just 60/40 no more than more than 60/40 and when you put your feet into the sand make sure that you are not putting your feet in so deep that you are almost leaning. Because if you are leaning at this angle here you’re going to pick the club up, come into a steep and hit too much sand. And remember too much sand means you are coming into a steep so let’s make sure the weight is 60/40 on the left hand side for the right-handed golfers.

As we swing the club back what I want you to focus on, it’s coming in from this angle here as we take the club back you go back and as you convince the ball here, I want you to focus on just hitting a lesser amount of sand. So whereas before you were most probably hitting too much sand because the weight was too far on the left-hand side, maybe the ball was too far but would make you pick up and hit down you can just imagine that would take an enormous amount of sand there. These are the faults that create this shot I want you to pull that ball slightly further forward weight 60/40. So we’ve got that setup in our mind what is the correct set up now. And from here I’m just going to keep that weight in a position take the club back, wrist break but notice as much as you might be doing not like this just a slight little hinge here and just try and take a little bit of sand.

So we are focusing on coming in maybe with just one inch behind the ball but before if you are focused, you might be coming in three or four inch behind. So what I want you to do from there is put this into practice get yourself set up, remember you are hitting too much sand you’ve got the method here to set yourself up, all tools are in place and now practice. But remember practice a little often don’t go into the bunker, have one big session that ties you out, a little often and then you won’t be leaving the ball in the traps.