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How can my golf grip affect my golf shot accuracy? Well, your golf grip is vital to your shot accuracy because it’s like the only connection that you have with the club and at the end of the day it’s the club and the club head striking the ball and the position of the club face that’s going to dictate where the ball flies. So, if you’ve got your hands on correctly, you’ll have control over the club face. If your hands aren't on correctly, you won’t have control over the club face and you’re going to find it very difficult to be accurate and to control the direction of your golf shots.

So first of all we want to create a neutral grip. And to have a neutral grip the easiest way to create that is if you hold a coin between your thumb and index finger on your left hand, if you’re a right-handed golfer, that coin should be across the front centre of the grip but it should be angled across so the coin’s pointed at your right shoulder, and your left hand is now on correctly and in a neutral position. You’re right hand now sits on top of that thumb and again we could do the same drill of holding the coin between the right thumb and index finger and again that coin should be pointed up at your right shoulder.

So if we’ve got the neutral grip there, what will happen is as we swing the club away, as we return the club back down to the ball, your hands will go into this natural position for them, where when you stand with your hands naturally by your side, that palm inwards to your body. So, this is as close as we can get your palms to be naturally palm inwards to your body and they’ll return back to this position and the club face will return back to the ball so that it’s pointing at the target allowing you to hit a straight golf shot.

If you stand with a very strong grip, so that means your left hand is rotated over to the right too much, that means now you’re standing effectively rather than with your hand like this, you’ve rotated your hand inwards toward you, okay? So as you swing back, if we rotate over to the right, even though the club face is starting in a position so it’s aiming at the target, as you swing away, your palm will rotate back to its natural position and now the club face is actually turned to the left and it’s going to make you hit the ball over to the left. And the opposite is true if your hand is rotated over to the left too much. Effectively you’re standing with your palm rotated out from your body rather than in its natural position. So you’ve rotated that coin between the hand and the index finger, over to the left, the coins going at your left shoulder rather than your right hand shoulder, and again even though the club face is pointing at the target initially, as we swing away, naturally as we come back in, your hand will return back to palm inwards and this time the effect is that the club face is opened and is pointing right, and the ball’s going to fly that way.

So, grip massively affects shot accuracy. To make sure that you get an accurate golf shot, ensure that you could hold a coin between your thumb and your index finger or your palm, make sure that coin on the left hand is going to cross the handle and up at the right shoulder. The same should be true on the right hand and then you’ve got a nice neutral grip which will allow you to return the golf club and the face back to the golf ball so the face is aiming at the target encouraging you to hit much straighter golf shots.