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Video Transcript

Okay. So two different shots here, chip shots and pitch shots. What is the difference between the two shots? Apart from changing the club selection from a 6-7-8 time for a chip and pitch maybe a sand wedge or a pitching wedge, it’s all about technique. So if I set myself up for a chip shot basically we are going to set up with a ball position in the middle and it’s an arm shot and the swing will tend to be a little bit shorter. So from here it would be from here no risk break short, short nice low shot just running out. And if I wanted to play a pitch shot the only difference would be is that the swing would be a little bit longer and we’d actually have some hinge activity. So from here same ball position but this time a little bit longer and you can see I'm just hinging my left wrist as I go backwards; before there was no hinge in my wrist it was all arms and the shorter swing at pitch shot it’s a little bit longer.

So the same set up notice nothing different and from here we are going to swing the club back, we are going to push away just a slight little hinge on my left wrist as I go back. So from here a little bit longer, hinge and this time the ball has gone nice and high and a good distance so you can see the difference between chipping and pitching. Chipping is all arms, pitching there is wrist activity in there and the length of the swing differs. And that’s the difference between chipping and pitching.