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Video Transcript

Another tool to use when focusing on snapping the left knee straight is using the hip a little bit better. The whole point of snapping the left leg is yes, to add power, it's yes to make sure that the weight as it transfers left and down is being released through the shot. But it's also to make sure that the left hip is rotating and it is rotating out of the way. It's possible to swing through the ball lift up the left leg, snap the left knee and for the hips just to move forwards and to come and create what's known as a nearly extension. So, as the left leg straightens the whole body straightens, moves the spine angle upwards and they can cause a number of problems at the point of impact.

So we want the left leg just straightened, but we also need the left hip to rotate around. A very simple drill to use it with an alignment stick is getting yourself setup. So, it becomes important in a driving range, getting the alignment stick just move down into the ground and angled towards the body, so the edge of the alignment stick is just set on the outside of the hip. Now it might look a little bit risky, but generally you should be okay with this. If you are a little bit weird you can't just pop a little bit of a tennis ball, a little bit of a sponge ball on the top, but it really should not be a problem.

So as you're moving through the shot and maybe away bit closer to this it's shifting, it's getting that left leg extending but the feeling that you want to be having is that you’re turning on the inside of this alignment stick. So, your weight is moving, but then it's turning along the inside. Now you can do this with the stick in at this point, it kind of adds in a little bit more of a visual danger if you want to look at it like that.

You can also extend it upwards, so it's very, very straight. So, as you set to the side of it you can just rotate it around it like that and you can also use a similar version of a back drill that I also did in one of the early videos. So I'll just get this setup by the side of me and I will do it for this way, just so it’s lot easier and to that get in the address position, just so we are showing the left hand side of the body, moving it around, extending that left leg, snapping it outwards but making sure that that left hip rotates around and on the inside. So as I have turned and I have rotated around on the inside my left leg is straightened and I have remained inside the alignment stick.