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Video Transcript

Snapping the left knee, moving the left leg, always planking all these different variations of words and thoughts that we've used, it's to add power. It's to add a little bit more club head speed at the point of impact. It's to make sure that the body is rotating correctly as you hit the shot. Now what that means is that you should be able to produce a much better rhythm within the swing. You see a lot of players swing very heavily or very quickly from the top.

So, as moving over to the top of the swing then the hands and the arms come down very, very faster in the transition period and at least to a number of awkward positions at the point of impact. So, what by moving the left hip, you know by moving the left hip through and then snapping the left leg straight, the left knee straight you should be able to add power much more easily. The problem is how do you get the sensation of actually being a lot slow from the top with the hands? How do you get the sensation or feeling that transition period would be much, much smoother?

A very simple way of doing this is to do one handed swings. Now by one handed swings either in the left or right I think the left hand tends to work a little bit better for this drill. It's to just say your setup, I've got a hybrid here we can really use any club that you want to. It's moving up to the top of the swing and then as you come through moving left, snapping the left leg very, very straight and then allowing the club to come through with the one handed swing.

The advantage of this is you won't be able to put lots of power presuming you are a right handed golfer. You then will have to put a lot of power in using the left hand to actually produce any type of distance. You're going to have to focus on turning the body, snapping that left leg straight using your rotational forces to produce club head speed. Now this can go very, very wrong. So what I'm going to try and do is produce a good shot for you guys, but just be warned, if you’re arranged this is not an easy drill to complete first time around.

So it's turning up to about this position here moving through and then extending that left leg just to try and produce that little bit of power. Just make that transition nice and smooth if we can in getting setup, top, turning through and just clipping it off the top of the tee peg. You're not going to be able to produce massive amount of distance with this but that’s not the point. It's about getting the feeling from the top, moving through, extending and making that transition nice and smooth.