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Video Transcript

Where should my hips be when I hit the golf ball? Well the correct answer to this is as you are hitting the golf ball and turning through impact to generate most power and accuracy your hips should be aiming slightly left of the target, so you have rotated your pelvis towards the target. So if I just pop this alignment pole into my front belt hooks here to represent my hips it’s a lot easier for you to see, exactly what’s happening. You want to start so that your hips are parallel to the target line that’s represented by the yellow alignment pole here. So the red and yellow poles are parallel in this position, as I swing back my hips will turn slightly on the back swing as I rotate my shoulders so to hit a really good shot from here I want to initiate my down swing by turning my hips towards the target and as I rotate my hips towards the target this is the position you want to be in at impact. So your pelvis is turned towards the target and you hips are in an open position so your hips – the line of your hips is actually aiming left of the target rather than square to it like this.

If you are in this position you are not going to hit with full power and you might block the shot out to the right because the club has nowhere to go, it can’t swing around you and down the target line unless you are rotating to the left. So to help you get that feeling of how to turn your hips through the target try this drill, if you just stand next to a wall and make sure that your back side is on the wall but your hands are across your shoulders as you rotate on your back swing you will feel the right of your backside touching the wall, if you are a right handed golfer and then what you want to just work on rolling your back side across the wall so the left side of your backside touches the wall. So you want this turning and rolling action down the wall; that will really give you the feeling of how to rotate your hips through the golf shots and so that you get into a position where your hips are turned towards the target as you connect with the ball at impact. If you do that you will start hitting with a lot more power you will see a big increase in distance and your accuracy will improve.