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Video Transcript

Now as with anything within the golf swing, golfers will have their own interpretation of it and some people will have a faster or slower motions in a golf swing particularly when we relate it down to the hips and how fast the hips turn. So we’ll see golfers that have a fast unwinding of the hips, we’ll see golfers that have a slower unwinding of the hips, and movement that happens after they’ve hit the ball perhaps. So I think for you to be able to improve on your hip rotation you need to understand the current speed of your hip rotation. Now if you're taking lessons or you're getting a golf swing regularly videoed, you'll be able to see the point of impact where you were, what would be looking for, for a good hip rotation, hips open right about 30 degrees, right heel starting to lift off the floor. But then if we look at the very variations of that, somebody that’s too fast with their hips would have their hips very open to target their right heel way too far up at the point of impact and a golfer that has too slow hip rotation would find that that flat footed, the hips haven’t rotated beyond parallel and then the right foot only lifts after they’ve hit the golf ball. And there's a couple of other alterations that we could make to help you improve on that movement and rotation you have.

First you're looking at a guy that has a slower rotation of his hips, a little alteration you could make there would be to open the left toe out a little bit. Opening the left toe for the right handed golfer should encourage a better turn through the ball, so ball position here, left toe open, that should encourage me to turn through and have more ability to get through. Also a slightly wider stance is going to give me the ability to shift my body weight from the right side through to left side and turn through quicker. If your right foot is square and you're a little bit narrow with your feet, you might feel that that stops your hit from turning at all. And therefore that gives us a correction for the guys that’s hips are too fast, so if you have very wide stance and your left toe is open, and you feel that your hips are flying and they're a bit too quick. Narrow the stance off a little bit, kick that left toe around, so it’s nice and square, that should encourage the hips to over more slowly and actually slow them down to a nice neutral impact back position rather than having them flying through. So first thing is check the speed of your hips, make sure that’s happening okay and if it’s not, if it’s too fast or too slow, employ one of those different corrections there to try and improve the speed of your hip rotation.