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If you're chipping and pitching the golf ball, then you feel that hitting through the ball. You can't really follow through when you get a bit; you get a bit stock and a bit stoppy in decelerating through the ball. There's one quick sort of simple tip that might actually help you. This is the fact that when a lot of good players chip and pitch the ball. They don’t stand square to the target where they want the ball to go. They actually stand quite open.

So open would be a position where the front leg is taken back away from the target line sort of aiming left for the right handed golfer, and it would be the knee, sorry the toe, the knee, and the hip they all aim down the left hand side, and then the body will still aim straight and the swing will be straight, but the bottom half is open. Now, the reason for that is actually when you hit a full speed swing that process happens naturally. The toe might stay where it is, but during the impact phase of a full swing the hips and the knees are very open.

They really turn out of the way, and the body likes up feeling and it gets used to the feeling that the hands and arms can come across the body and we can through quite open. If when we chip and pitch the ball, the legs don’t move because we don’t need the power so they're not involved in the swing quite so much. That way we would be square then the left leg wouldn't move as much, and it could feel like is in the way is blocking us a little bit. Hence, the arms can't come through. Hence we get stunted if we don’t follow through very well.

So actually by taking that left foot and heel after the way, it will create a lot more space for you. Now, a good tip here for how much do you open it is take the toe and put it where the bottom shoe laces, so if I mark my bottom shoe lace and drop that back, and then like the hips its open and then I've got loads more space and hitting room. So I setup here, drop my foot back to where my lock bottom shoe lace is on to my left side I've got loads more room to hit through.

If you feel it when you do that, you're aiming left. You start pulling the ball to the left hand side of the green for the right handed golfer. Just check the shoulder assignment is stayed square, so as my hips and feet open, my shoulder still stay square to the camera square to the target they hit through, and I'm not following my feet line to the left. So I'm doing this so I can follow through where I can hit through the ball more, and I don’t get too stunted and cramped. I'm not doing this to change the alignments of my shot. The alignment is still dictated by the shoulders. The ball will still go straight even though the feet are open when I'm chipping and pitching.