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As golfers will know the proper alignment to our target it's absolutely fundamental to hitting some good shots. But actually as a golfer, we don’t stand perfectly square and that's because the hands on the grip aren't perfectly leveled. The left hand for the right handed golfer sits at the top and the right hand on the knee, and that means that when I'm standing to the golf ball my shoulders will be tilted. And because of that tilt, we can sometimes get ourselves a little bit out of position with other parts of the body, so I often see people that sounds square with that toes, and then actually open with the legs and hips, and its because the right shoulder dips because the right hand dips that the body will actually start to incorporate a little bit of a twist with shoulders and hips aiming open to the target or left for the right handed golfer.

If that's the case then often in the down swing the hips will already be pretty turning, I'll be turning too far left. The club comes outside the line over the top leading to some bad shots particularly pulls or face and slices. Its actually quite important that we do get the hips nicely lined up, so one quick and simple way just on the driving range, place the golf club down on the floor, that's pointing at your target, bring your hands leveled and just shuffled, just wobble yourself there, and you'll feel everything just lining up if you got this sort or preset open hit position, stunning and wobbling you hit and you would probably line up back across your toes, and you can look down I think in my pockets there a level to my toes, so when I lean forward my pocket is still leveled.

If I got this turn here with the knee and the hip forwards it's going to be more evident to see that. I could then also setup place a club across my hips here and just checking of that still down my toe line so everything is lined up correctly. Now, when I grip yes my right shoulder will dip lower to the left because my right hand is lower to my left, but my shoulders, my hips, my knees and feet are all out to be still pointing to really parallel to my target line. So if a better straight the golf shots make sure your toes and also your hips are bang on target.