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Now there are many ways that you can increase power and you can increase backswing turn. And one of those ways is to lift up the left heel. Lifting up the left heel allows the body to rotate more during the backswing. And that more rotation should translate into more power as you actually come down to hit the shot. However how do you successfully manage to lift our left heel during the swing and then plant it back down as you're coming into impact? Now there's also different ways that you can practice this.

But this is a very, very simple drill for you to get the feeling of what you want to do and also to see if this is something that could be a success for you as well. What I’ve done here is I’ve just popped a tee peg in the ground. I’ve kind of popped it pretty much kind of halfway up. So it's only about an inch out of the actual surface. But the drill I’m going to use here is I am going to get set up to an imaginary ball. I won't hit it this way. I don't want to damage the camera. But I am going to just set it up here, so it's just underneath my left heel.

The heel is up off the ground. I’m just a little bit more on to my toe. I’m going to set up with my right foot in the same position. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn up to the top of the backswing, and mimic the position that I'd be in if I was lifting up the left heel during the backswing. Now what this will do, this will get you the sensation of what you need to be doing in the backswing. And it will also get you set into that top of the backswing position. But the real key to this drill and the real kind of magic about this drill is as you come down into impact, you can use this here in balls or you can use it just with practice swings.

[Indiscernible] to the top of the backswing, and then as you move down into impact, press that tee down into the ground. Get the body turning through the point of impact and then extend up towards your target. That act of pressing that tee down into the ground, that will get the downswing motion flowing. There are so many benefits to lifting the left heel in the backswing. But what you do need to do is manage to transfer that into impact and hit successful shots. So if you do want to get the feeling of lifting the left heel, if you want to know how it all works, give this drill a go and see how you get on.