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Video Transcript

Should I lift my head on the follow-through on my golf shots? Your head position during the golf swing should stay as still and as central as possible up until the point of impact. After that point no matter where your head actually goes you can’t affect the flight of the ball. However if you try and keep it still after you’ve hit, you could actually cause yourself a little bit of an injury as the rest of the body moves through and you try and keep your head down and still. After you’ve hit your shot there’s a natural rise of the body as you get into a full follow-through position to actually face the target.

If you have a look at the level of my head here I address this is where it will stay as I swing back and through turning my shoulders back and my hips through my head will stay on the same level. As I actually turn through and rise up to my finish it will also rise along with the body. If you swing and then just try and keep the head down it’s a very unnatural movement and you will suffer. So what you want to do is hit the ball keeping the head nice and steady but then just allow it to rise as you swing through.

Don’t restrict it don’t restrain it because you could cause yourself a little bit of an injury and it’s not the natural motion of the body. And if you can move through to this full finish position balance on the front foot and unto the back toe and the shot is going exactly the way you want it to then you won’t be worrying about where your head has risen to at all.