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Now before we get too carried away and too excited about firing that club down towards target, one of the things that we need to address is balance within the golf swing. As you're actually extending through, as you're trying to pull as much power and energy into the golf shot as you can, unless you have balance. Unless you're fully kind of committed to the shot, it's not going to work out very, very well because you're just deploying power into impact, and the ball could be going anywhere. Power without control isn't going to give you the results that you really want.

And balance is one of the key areas in which you can regain control in this part of the swing where the club is moving the fastest. So how can you get the balance right? How can you get that club firing towards the target? And how can you get your balance nice and balanced? Well this is what we're going to look at. And a lot of it is all down to weight transfer throughout the downswing. What you want to be seeing as you are moving down into impact is the body weight to be shifting on to the left-hand side, a good 70-80% on to the left hand side as you're moving through the ball.

Those hands coming down into impact with an iron being slightly ahead with the driver being level or slightly behind. Coming down into impact striking and then those hips beginning to turn, and then these arms really extending down towards the target. So if you want to fire that club down towards the target and have the balance, you need to work on more what’s happening with your lower half than what's happening with your upper half. It sounds slightly counter-intuitive but it’s going to be a 100% necessary if you want to find that balance point.

So the way to practice this, a really, really good drill to use is actually getting up pretty much just to a halfway point in your swing, just holding it for a moment, and then really focusing on those key areas that we spoke about. Getting the weight shifting left, getting the lower half turning, coming down into impact, and then holding the club in this position as you come through. And what you want to be seeing is that club extended down towards your target, your arms nice and extended as well, but your body in this nice balanced position.

If you can hold your balance here rather than in the natural full finish position, if you can hold your balance position here what it would show is that at that moment in your swing, you were able to gain control over your lower half movement. And that is the key fundamental in maintaining your balance while hitting this type of a powerful golf shot.