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Now one of the key aspects to any successful technique is to be able to swing in balance. Now swinging in balance means that the body isn’t moving kind of apart from other parts of the body you’re not falling over after you’re hit, you’re not on balance, you’re actually turning through and your finishing in a position where you’re up facing the target and your balanced on your front foot with the right foot kind of pointing down at the ground. Now balance is something which is quite difficult to come by and it’s a combination of different things, but there are ways that you can exercise your balance, there are ways you can test your balance, and there are ways that you can hone your balance. Now one simple one to actually do and to try and train a little to bit of a better weight shift within your swing, is just a very simple routine where you stand with your feet quite close together just slightly separated by a hip distance apart, taking a step up with your right leg so your balanced on your left side, and then moving the right foot out whilst moving the weight off to the left-hand side.

Now if you can keep your balance here on to your left-hand side whilst extending that right leg up, it will show that you can keep your balance mainly using the muscles within the left leg. Now you can switch this over on to the right side and exactly the same, moving upwards trying to maintain the balance, using the muscles on the right leg. Now if you kind of get into one of these positions say on the right side and all of a sudden you find yourself quite unbalanced this will probably mean that your right side needs a little bit more work and a little bit more strength training when compared to your left. So you can use this balance exercise to really hone your balance but to also test out if there are any weaknesses within your body but incorporate these into your golf workout routine and then you can add the strength, the flexibility and the balance into your game.